by Lucky Eric Mlambo
(Kwa-Mhlanga, Mpumalnga, RSA)


Hope is the spark of the potential that exist within every individual living being. It is hope that gives us a reason to believe in possibilities and ourselves, even in the mist of impossible. I am a young man of early thirties, born and nurtured in this beautiful place of the rising sun; in a semi-rural settlement called Pienaar, Ka-Msogwaba that is situated in about 35 km from Nelspruit. Pienaar is a huge Township with a number of social-illness and challenges, which are the product of poverty that is keep on exacerbating and it is left a heritage for the up-coming generation. Even it was so, being a group member of the team that believed in change and dedicated to share and facilitate life-skills to our community and peers; mostly to the young generation in schools. That has created a new hope within me and in the society.
Leave apart the fact that, I grew-up within an extended family of ten; where we were all relied on the support of our grandmother through her old-age pension fund. I am grateful JAH for my understanding of the importance of education; I have been able to persevere and work hard so to complete my basic education (in 2000), through having a hope that I will graduate from university one day. Despite the fact that I was enrolled to extend-curriculum ten years after I have matriculated (2010), eventually I have graduated (in 2015) on bachelor’s degree in Social Worker at UKZN. Hope has reserved and spurred me away from decaying on that decade before I enrolled to University, also through believing up-on every individual’s ability in changing the world to be a better place. Through the life style of facilitating and encouraging others over life-skills, I have realised that I am a leaders by putting others first before myself.
I am a born leader, trained in servant leadership and team building by the international NGO. Mentorship is a discipleship, is it about empowering others. I was empowered through my involvement with Scripture Union, where I was mentored and natured by until I was able to mentor others. The Youth-Worker from Soshanguve in Pretoria Mr. Benedict Tshepo Makoeya was my mentor in Nelspruit; and Pastor from Nairobi in Kenya as well the activist from Canada Mrs. Heather Stephens they all notice the leadership within me and nurtured it. My mentorship grew stronger the more I saw and heard change to the young generation; and the more I realised how much they trust me as an agent of change. Regardless of my state of affairs by then, it was a circumstance that was breaking the heart, discouraging and devastating. I was able to pick-up myself thru the knowledge that I am a trend-setter and also through sharing personal experiences and family challenges with the group and our mentor as well. I have learned to trust in myself as a leader and the mentor as from the feedback of letters from the children in schools and church members and the community as well. I was awarded with an outstanding leadership for the youth creating change in the community; crowned by International Youth Foundation and Youth Action Network at South America (Argentina) twelve years ago. I wrote my story and I was elected and approved for that credit.
I am a believer; in times of troubled and my soul is warried, prayer is my shield and sword and the bible is my light that keeps on encouraging and shows me the way. The love that I have received from the LORD, and His new command to share it with others. I get helped through helping and leading other towards togetherness and better life for all. It is through the African Spirit that I was spurred in to becoming a mentor; the Spirit of Ubuntu (I am, because we are) a person is a person through people. I was mentored so that I may be able to mentor others. The ideology of emancipating the captured minds of our society inspired me to become a mentor, therefore I desired to bring social change in my community and the world at large; through promoting peace, advocate against all forms of domestic violence that perpetrated bulling and produce youth violence. Poverty is the prime enemy that is impacting and linked to the scene of crime and violence. A healthy life- style is promoted through advocating of using a condom if one cannot abstain from sexual intercourse. Where there is a will there is always a way, this keeps me going and mentoring, for I believe in change for good and for all.
Lucky Eric Mlambo is my name, I reside in Moloto. Last year I was appointed as an Intern-in a one year contract at DSD; eventually I have find myself mentoring two Student Social Workers in doing their practical practice with the Department. Even though my contract has expired they still recognise me as their mentor. A month ago I was appointed and employed at Khulisa Social Solution as a Probation officer, our office is based at Kwa-Mhlanga Section B, and we also have a satellite office at Moloto. I am the only Social Worker for the two offices and there is also one Social Auxiliary Worker and a team of six members that are called MIBs (Make It Better); soon they will be added to ten and I see and feel the responsibility to mentor them; for I am anointed to do so and I will because I qualify.
This is the group of community developers and the agents of change in Thembisile Municipality; they are mentors of the young generation at school. This is my reason I write my story so I may be in the mentorship portal and be mentored so I may be elevated from my current standard to the level where I may be able to mentor others better; although I am will not able to see them daily. I know that I have what it takes by all measures; this is my reason I am telling my story, so I may grab this opportunity through using both hands. I need that virtual meeting for mentoring community for connection with other, sharing experiences and resources for developments on new dimension.
Hope you will find my story relevant and constructive

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