Reflection of being a mentor

by Lizzy V Fundama
(Nkomazi, Malelane)

On 10 April 2017, Sindi(name changed for confidentiality) visited me having problems in her merriage. her husband was abusing her emotionally and verbally and this type of abuse is not recognised in our rural communities as violent behaviour. I as a mentor provided a safe space for her to pour out her heart regarding the matter.

Through the support,guidance and motivation I gave to her today she started a support group in her area helping other women living in abusive relationship. This story taught me that you can discover oneself through another for our journeys to be successful.

My advise to someone having passion in mentoring others is that it requires an individual who makes time for others, someone who listens with companion and empathy and the one who will provide a safe space for the mentee.remember our mentees come to us because they believe in us, they see us as their role models, they see us as people they can rely on in order to reach their dertemination.

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