Perseverance leads to success

by Thelma
(Moloto, S.A)

My mentoring story
My name is Thelma Chabangu, I joined Khulisa back then in 2008, trained to be a community developer. I then started to facilitate my first Ubuntu club in 2009 in a school called Matimba middle school. I taught learners Ubuntu, ways of behaving yourself with respect, how to identify social aspects in your community like crime. I taught in five schools in Moloto. Other things I have taught is how to communicate, substance abuse, community crime prevention, HIV and AIDS
I then went to study social auxiliary work, as I started to work as an auxiliary worker I became mentor for the MIB’s. I trained them to become community developers as well, now they have their own Ubuntu clubs in different schools, where they are facilitators.
As a mentor, I learned that you must be very patient when working with people, I gained a public speaking skill, recognition from my community as a developer, recognition by stakeholders, learnt how to work on my shyness and be able to present to a large group of people. learnt to listen and not criticise.
mentoring MIB’s has grown me in such a way that I felt responsibility, I knew I had to lead by example, set the rules and follow them. I was delighted one day when one of my first Ubuntu club of 2009 came to me to ask if I can be one of the committee members for their newly established organisation, he said he was inspired by the way I do things calmly, happy and with perseverance, that he looked up to me like a mentor. that made me happy to receive such recognition from a learner that I taught.
I was called to assist in teaching grade 5 learners in Dumelani primary school, teaching English, in absence of a teacher who was sick, in 2014
Seeing MIB’s graduating and receiving their certificates, that shows that what I have taught them really paid off in the end
Mentoring a grade one learner in 2016, who was diagnosed by his teacher as a slow learner and became impatient with him, even said that he would fail to go to the next grade. I started to teach him every day after school until he wrote his final exams. he passed and said a beautiful thank you to me with a dimple smile…. priceless moment!!
I’m so inspired by the response I get whenever I engage with stakeholders, which makes me eager to further my studies into becoming a social worker so that I can be able to assist further and more.
Yours in community development

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