"Search for role models you can look up to and people who take an interest in your career. But here's an important warning: you don't have to have mentors who look like you. Had I been waiting for a black, female Soviet specialist mentor, I would still be waiting. Most of my mentors have been old white men, because they were the ones who dominated my field."                                                                                                         Condoleeza Rice


Pivotal Talent 

Having the right people in every step of the process

  • Pivotal Talent is a global first of its kind as it matches and accurately predicts a candidate's performance to a role description. By assessing a candidate‚Äôs performance on role/task constructs (that are powerful predictors on performance), Pivotal Talent will match the candidate to the specified role with over 95% accuracy.
  • The Pivotal Talent tool increases performance predictability to 95% from 25% and reduces wrong recommendations from 35% to 1%.
  • Customised solutions means an integration of cultural, language, KPI (Key Performance Indicators) considerations to further increase accuracy and reduce attrition.
  • This tool is used in increasing efficiencies, revenue generation and productivity, identifying future leaders and reducing attrition.
  • Pivotal Talent is an up-scalable solution.
  • The assessment is done online in 15-90 minutes.  It ensures that people are doing what they are suited to and where they will be most effective.  It picks up honesty and will reduce fraud.
  • Smart learning enables the solution to increase its predictive power and decrease the time required for testing when feedback is provided on the successful candidate's performance. This means that every new round of screening becomes shorter to complete and more targeted to the organisation's requirement reducing the assessment time by up to 50%. 
  • The time taken, detrimental effects of inherent bias and the overall cost of the interview phase will be greatly reduced. 
  • We can actively manage and reduce attrition by (1) accurately matching to role and providing career pathways and (2) monitoring on a monthly or quarterly period to check on organisational satisfaction.  
  • Immediate feedback for those unsuccessful can be tailored to list the strengths highlighted by the assessment, leaving them with a positive sense of their encounter.
  • For candidates who are not well matched, Pivotal Talent can retain their strengths and weaknesses and match to different roles where they may be more suited.   

Methodologies utilised by Khulisa to match capabilities to needs are based on several tools which ensure the exigencies of the individual and the community are identified and solutions actively sought to address them. Khulisa's exclusive Information Technology partner, Pivotal Talent (PT), is the world's first digital Artificial Intelligence (AI) solution to scientifically profile, screen and match individuals to career paths within the Talent Management, Career Guidance and Recruitment domains, which now also includes the matching of mentors and mentees.

PT is able to match the most suitable mentors to each mentee.  This match is based on the most suitable career paths, interest, competencies, skills, developmental areas and vulnerabilities of mentees on the one side, and the expertise, interests, skills, competencies and knowledge sharing methods of the mentors on the other. 

As PTs AI solution considers all factors that predict performance, it enables mentors to be scientifically and accurately matched to mentees ensuring optimal and complementary matches.  This maximises the probability of effective outcomes in the mentoring process.

PT also identifies appropriate education and career directions for each individual, thereby providing mentors with a "road-map" on which to base their work with each individual.  

These profiles are available indefinitely for matching mentors against future mentees.

PT uses an extensive database based on sixty years of global research across all relevant fields of study.  

Pivotal Talent's AI solution is extremely well suited to Khulisa's need to matching the appropriate individuals in all areas of activity to guarantee the best results.