Mentoring Isaac Nkuna In the MIB Program In Nkomazi

by Richard

I met Isaac Nkuna my Mentee in 2010 September. I was appointed to coordinate the MIB Program which focused on the youth development and leadership of the young People in Nkomazi.

The first day I met Isaac he was so shy and he couldn't even speak any person confidently on the Phone and let alone one on one. He was withdrawn and very quite. As a result of this introvert, Isaac could address and facilitate Leadership course. He really struggled to organize MIB weekly meeting and he couldn't facilitate the Substance abuse programs. When he address people he will shake his body in a very deep fear.

I then realized that with this attitude it will virtually impossible to achieve the Khulisa Goals of developing the youth in Nkomazi. Then I took a brother and I coached him how to facilitate, how to write and respond to emails, I helped him with events management and organizing events and meetings. Furthermore, we started to work and gel as team as I will see his confidence grow every day on weekly bases. Soon Isaac became interested in attending Meetings and over and above, he stated spreading word about Khulisa Services, presented about the MIBS Program in the community. His confidence grown to such an extent that he can handle office inspection, Office administration, MIBs Coordination and day to day office activities. Isaac, in spite of his background and challenging circumstances at home, personally he had taken it up to himself to be the provider of his family and he extend the family house and personally had had upgraded his dressing style to the of a corporate look with an awesome futuristic outlook on life and with a personality that says, I am here and how can I help you improve your life. As a Mentor I am very proud of myself with such a valuable contribution in his life and fro enlightening his life to this extent.

Thank you

Richard Ngoma The Best Mentor

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