by Ziphozethu Zondi
(South Africa)

I will not use real names
The client is Nokuxolo Khuzwayo
The mother of the client is Thandi Khuzwayo
The sibling is Fezeka Mchunu
At area is KwaCeza Village

My story is about the young girl called Nokuxolo Khuzwayo .She was born and raised at KwaCeza Village by a single parent Thandi Khuzwayo.Thandi never got a chance to go to school because she was coming from a poor background and on her village it was not approved for young girls to go to school .One day she decided to move with her sister to Newcastle for job opportunities .At Newcastle she was employed as the domestic worker .She earned less while she had to raise her child Nokuxolo and her late sister's child Fezeka .Her wish was to see her children going to university and coming back to the community as professionals .

As time goes on .Nokuxolo finished her matric with flying colours .As her mentor ,I assisted her to apply for the tertiary including financial aid since I knew her background. On 2016 She was admitted at University Of Kwazulu Natal to study social work .The mentorship programme did not end there. Had to conduct life couching skills to her since she was struggling financially at the varsity .I have managed to get bursary application forms which we filled together and sent them to bursary office .June 2016 after a 1st semester she got distinctions in all subjects and she also got a bursary which includes accommodation ,tuition ,books and meals .

Nokuxolo was depending on living house to house with other students sometimes she had to hide for campus forums since it was illegal for her to squirt .She never lost hope in achieving her dreams and she was confidence with whatever she was doing. Fezeka was also doing grade 12 2016 ,she also passed with flying colures ,in also assisted her in applying for the tertiary education.Fezeka was admitted in Bachelor of Education. She got Fundza Lushaka Bursary .

My story is based on changing people lives and on helping them to achieve their dreams . The background of the person is the solid force that keeps on pushing her to change her background Thandi is very grateful of her children. Her children are the first ones in the village to go to tertiary.

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