Business Incubation Centre

Where business are started and existing or start up businesses are nurtured and then handed over/back to community members.

Shared resources are used to fill in the gaps people experience with starting a business, thereby increasing the success of the initiatives. Not everyone can be an expert at everything.  Many people have the ability to run a business but they struggle with the start up of the business or coming up with successful ideas.

Specialist business mentors are involved with this process.  The aim is not only to get people started but to combat areas that cause them to fail or give up.  It includes improving the areas that they may not be good at and providing the support needed for ongoing success.  

Profits from businesses that are set up will find NPOs and create employment while in the incubation phase.  Crowd funding and crowd sourcing are used in this process.

Pivotal Talent is used to match people and SenseMaker is used to indicate businesses ventures required that align with the community needs.