"If you cannot see where you are going, ask someone who has been there before."                                                   J Loren Norris

FAQs about mentoring

What is mentoring?

·    A mentoring relationship is a close, individualised relationship that develops over time between the               mentor and the mentee.

·    From the perspective of the mentor, mentorship includes caring, guidance, a willingness to share knowledge, and to give technical, emotional and moral encouragement. Mentors serve as role models.

·   Mentors share their achievements and experiences to give their mentee a framework to help them make choices. Mentors explore options and possible choices and allow their mentee to make whatever choices they feel will work for them.

·   Mentorship offers a safe non-judgmental place for mentee self-exploration. Mentorship is related to the whole person and their life, with goals and objectives evolving over time.

·   Mentoring = experienced people engaging with less experienced people in a dynamic relationship.

What are the benefits of mentoring?

·       Personal growth and development.

·        A way of giving back to South Africa without the need to physically be there.

·        A contribution to empowering SA’s most vulnerable.

·        Giving back to someone who has expressed the need for support.

 ·       Impact an entire community and contribute to long-term change.

 ·      Tax relief, where appropriate

Who will I mentor?

·   We are working with other NPOs who are assessing the mentoring needs within South Africa because partnerships are a crucial part of understanding needs and, in turn, ensuring the success of KGMM.

·      We have the software technology (Pivotal Talent) to link potential mentors to an existing community project with identified needs.

·     We can match the personal skills, passion and interest of an organisations staff to the best suited initiative in their chosen geographic location through state-of-the-art technology.


How will I communicate with my mentee?

·     Using social media such as whatsapp, facebook, Skype, email. 

Where do I sign up to become a mentor?

·    Click on the "sign up" icon on the home page.

How will I be given support as a mentor?

·     Upon registration as a KGMM mentor, you will receive our Mentoring Manual. We have taken our experiences as mentors over the years and created what we like to refer to as a quick guide to being an effective mentor. The manual is an overview of what mentorship is about and what it isn’t.  We have shared with you some tools that you may find useful.        

·    The resource centre is available to members.  It provides e-recources such as video clips, e-books, webinars.

·    Forums and think tanks are also available for support and advice.

How much time is required of me?

·    2-3 hours per month

How do I deal with issues and challenges of mentoring?

·    Please raise your issues and challenges on the forum, as there is a strong possibility another mentor may be dealing with the very same challenge you are dealing with and by sharing it and seeking support from our group, we can learn from one another.

·   Speak to one of our mentor experts via email

How do I handle non-mentoring issues raised by my mentee?

·   You refer your mentee to the appropriate resource. 

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